This place is known as the “Devil’s Pool” where a large number of tourists die every year.

If you travel to Africa, you may have heard a place. This place is in the middle of the Zambe River in Africa, the Victoria Falls.

Every year around October of this year, when the amount of water in the waterfall is relatively small, a large number of tourists gather here to swim. There is a relatively gentle pool on the edge of the waterfall. At this time, the water is less, forming a natural swimming pool.

Every year at this time, swimming here has become a regular activity. People call this “Devil’s Pool”, meaning to test their courage here and show that they are brave enough.


It can be seen in the photos that the swimmers are behind the abyss. If they accidentally fall into the water, they will face death. Perhaps it is because of this stimulating that it can attract so many tourists each year and become a tourist hotspot.

The challengers stood on the rocks and jumped into the water. They call this “the leap of faith.” Many tourists come here to try.

According to incomplete statistics, there are dozens of people who have washed down here every year. Some of them have been successfully rescued, but some of them have not been so lucky. So it was called the pool “Devil’s Pool”.