Kanas,Xinjiang in Autumn like in a fairy story

When the tenth lighted up and extinguished the idea of Northern Xinjiang tour,Someone suddenly ask: Do you want to visit Kanas?”Yes” ,i agree with that without hesitation.

Not because of falling out of love, and not because read the article like “if you even don’t go to travel,you will be old,” just i am free at that time.

Kanas Scenic Area: The Kanas scenic spot is located in the middle of the Altai Mountains in Xinjiang. It means “beautiful and rich, mysterious” in the Mongolian language. There are Kanas Lake and surrounding snow-capped mountains, grasslands, and birch forests…

In the middle of the night, turn off the flashlight and you have the entire galaxy. The stars are really beautiful at night, but these beauty can only be felt with the eyes, the camera can only record the moment you and the stars together.

Moon Bay:One of the famous three bays in Kanas, sandwiched between the east and west mountains, as if it were a crescent moon, hence the name Moon Bay.

I love autumn’s colors, the weather is the color palette, green, yellow, blue, red, gorgeous and not repeat.

The morning haze of Baihaba is closer to rural life. Before sunrise, the whole village was silent. Occasionally, with the sound of crows, when the sun just exposed a trace of light, the small village was covered in mist, and as the sun rose, the fog increased. Slowly dissipating, followed by the steam coming out of every household chimney, and the new day begins!

If you don’t know the taste of autumn, come to HeMu Village; if you don’t feel the vastness of autumn, come to HeMu Village; if you want to find the meaning of autumn in nature, come to HeMu Village. If you want to lose yourself and find yourself, come to the HeMu village! ! !

Kanas,Xinjiang,see you next time.I will miss you!