If you haven’t done these 20 things, you’re not even in Tibet

Perhaps it is to forget the past, perhaps it is to pursue the future!

Tibet, for everyone, is an unforgettable beautiful fairyland. Everyone has an unspeakable Tibetan dream hidden in their hearts.

The beauty of Tibet can’t be heard, its beauty, its refined and awe under the blue skies, can only be felt there.

Snow-capped mountains, grasslands, clear waters, forests, smoke, people … in the sun, its magic, its holiness, its agility, are all unimaginable scenery.

Walking in Tibet, if you want to have a different memory, you should go into the life of the local people. Perhaps, you will be more looking forward to the next meeting.

1.Face the cold wind of the plateau, and in the early morning or evening, watch a sunrise or sunset that is unforgettable forever.

2.On the tall snow-capped mountains, followed by the Tibetans who turned to the mountains, they sprinkled a colorful Lunda and felt the most pious prayers of the Tibetan people.