Gannan, an out of doors paradise in my coronary heart

Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in the southwest of Gansu Province. As an important part of the Silk Road and the Tang Dynasty ancient road, Gannan Prefecture not only has a vast and beautiful plateau scenery, but also has a rich Tibetan Buddhist culture and customs. It can be said that both scenery and culture Both. It is my favorite route of choice.

The earliest known Gannan was a book he had bought many years ago, “Let Life Feel Free” – the United States and Adventure jointly named 50 outdoor paradises in the world, of which Gannan is the only place in China. Since then, Gannan has lingered in my heart and lingered with her distant mystery, purity and holiness.

Many times in Yunnan, Sichuan, Jiangnan, Xinjiang, and even Tibet have been visited, but I have not touched her. For some kind of mentality, I do not understand very well. Perhaps it is best to stay in the end. .