2018, I am waiting for you in Tibet

Many people say that when you go to Tibet, you must go for a butter lamp. People place too much wish for butter lamps…

At the foot of Mount Everest, using his eyes to climb to the top of the mountain is the highest level of conquest. Magnificent scenery, in grand manner, repeats the lessons that our daily lives often give us.

Someone took a thousand miles to send a lotus girl to a Tibetan girl. Someone learned Tibetan in order to communicate with the parents of the girl. And there was a man who had evolved from a literary youth to the captain of the uozhuang dance for a mushrooming girl who taught him to dance. The captain said that this is the charm of Guozhuang dance.

Nyingchi’s peach blossoms, are full of mountains and valleys.

Seda, the holy land of the Buddha, the pure land of Brahma, surrounded by mountains, Monk’s dormitory are all over the hillside, countless red cabins, stretching endlessly, a glance at the end, breathtaking.