2018, I am waiting for you in Tibet

Go to Tibet,turn around the mountains, water, and the pagoda. Do not for the next life, just meet you on the way.

Go to Tibet, the smoke in the Jokhang Temple rises,enjoy the sweet tea,bask in the sun.

Go to Tibet, the waters of the Brahmaputra come from heaven and wash away the ash you have.

Go to Tibet, the butter lamps are bright and bright, cleaning your vision and darkness, and gaining wisdom.

Bring a Tibetan dream, a walking heart, and take your steps.

In the world, only beauty and love can’t live up to expectations.

The Zanda Turin in Ali Tibet is an excellent star-watching place.

Lhasa’s Barkhor Street and Chongsaikang have different styles. This will not only satisfy your nostalgic mood, but also allow you to buy various items. In this smoky street, whether it’s a shopper’s paradise or not, it will make you full of happy happiness.

When you go to Tibet, if you do not watch a lively scripture debate, you will not really understand Tibet,and will be no intuitive understanding of their religious beliefs. a wonderful debate will help you to understand the mysterious Tibet. Although you may not understand it, the question and answer between the movements will make you see wisdom and calm.

In Tibet, outside the monastery, beside the Mani stone stack, around the pagoda, on the foot of the prayer trail, under the mountain of God, beside the holy lake, believers shook the shining little prayer wheel and walked silently. His face was full of piety and solemnity.