The young man built a wooden house in the forest, isolated from the world and lived on a hunt every day

In the United Kingdom, a young writer named Nick Weston, who was disappointed and unemployed, suddenly found himself thinking of living far away from the city and living alone in the wild. The young man believes that living in nature can also help him find his former inspiration. So he spent more than 300 pounds of money to buy timber and build a new house in the forest.

The design of this house is very special. In order to prevent being attacked by beasts, the guy built the house directly on the waist of the big tree, and then kept a wooden ladder on the floor as a tool to go upstairs. In addition, the house’s chassis is supported by several small branches, but it does not seem to be very firm.

Entering the forest to survive, the guy did not bring too much food. Therefore, the food source on his weekdays mainly comes from hunting. Among them, the hunting targets are mainly small-scale wildlife such as rabbits, pheasants, and rats. Of course there are some fish.

Living in the forest, there is no electricity, and in the evening, the guy will collect some dried fire near the house, put it into the oven and bake it until he goes to sleep. After a while, the guy was discovered by a passerby and spread to the internet.

Today, the guy has lived in the forest for more than half a year. Although no one in the ordinary time can chat with him, he is still very happy and he writes a daily diary. The guy said that when his diary can be stacked in a book so thick, he will reappear in front of everyone.