The U.S. 70-year-old grandma has a husband who is 50 years younger than her and is younger than her grandson

In the state of Tennessee, Almeda Errell, now 72, is full of children and grandchildren. However, her husband is only 19 years old and is younger than one of her grandchildren.

Two years ago, the two fell in love at a birthday party. After two weeks of love, Gary Hardwick, who was only 17 years old, asked Almeda to get married.

Talking about why marriage is proposed so quickly, Gary said that Almeda’s beauty and cheerfulness make him very excited. Although many people will spend more time thinking about marriage, but they love each other so much,So he decided to jump straight to the marriage step.

Of course, their love of this difference of more than 50 years has also been a lot of resistance, Almeda’s son has never spoken to his mother ever since he heard of the relationship between the two.

Among his grandchildren, Aaron and Indiana Elliott could not accept it at first, especially Aaron, because he was 3 years older than Gary. In his eyes, Gary is more like a friend.

The 17-year-old Indiana said she was surprised at the beginning, but said that it is now the 21st century, and the mentality should be open. However, she also admitted that her mother is still strongly opposed because it is really strange to see that the stepfather and his children are almost old.

However, Almeda insists on her love. She firmly believes that she has met true love and believes that her remaining life will not be separated from Gary. Gary hopes to prove that age is only a number. He believes that they will have a good future.

At present, they have opened a channel on YouTube, uploading their daily life and funny videos of pranks. The channel already has nearly 50,000 fans.

Figure source “Daily Post”