The poorest president in the world, his identity is president when he works, and he is a farmer after work.

It is hard to imagine that the president of a country has lived such a life. It feels like he is a disparate person in this world. However, this alienation touched the people of this country. He is Uruguay’s President José Mujica. He was appraised by the media as actually the poorest president, but he did not think so, although, in material terms, it was indeed. In spirit, he felt very meaningful.

As a president, his income is not high, but despite this, he still donates 90% of his income! He donated to the government-run social housing program. When he is alone at home, he cooks, dishes, and sanitation.

In his spare time, he will also come out and walk the dog. He is a veritable civilian president.

He likes to do everything in his life. He also grows vegetables! Really a respectable old man.

He likes to take a bus, and sometimes there are no seats. He stands.

He sat with Uruguay’s vice president and finance minister. I think if you didn’t look at this picture, you might think that Uruguay is such a country. The leader level is unpretentious, but you will know when you look at the pictures, but not so.

His old car has been driving for 28 years. It is not easy. Now young people will basically change cars in four or five years. His car is very collectible.

On March 1, 2015, José Mujica retired from the presidency and lived a real civilian life.



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