Maybe this is the most lonely job in the world: fishing in the snow, wrapped in a plastic bag at minus 40 degrees

Many people in life are silently dedicated to their own jobs. Bus drivers go to work at six in the morning and get off work at twelve o’clock in the evening; the sanitation workers on the road will also need to clear the streets five or six in the winter. There are many people who are not easy to work with, but there is such a group of people. Doing the most lonely and difficult work in the world.

The Kazakh people live in Russia on the Arctic Circle. At minus 40 degrees, it is also necessary to wrap plastic bags in the snow to fish.

Because of the difficult environment, they can only rely on fishing to make a living. They often sit on the snow for fishing all day.

Despite wearing thick clothes, it is not enough. So Kazakh people came up with ways to wrap themselves in plastic bags.

Wrap yourself in a plastic bag and the heat will not easily escape. With its own respiration, the temperature inside the plastic bag will be several degrees higher than the outside temperature.

Because the temperature is too low, even communication equipment cannot be connected. The Kazakh people can only concentrate on fishing in the snow.

In order to preserve their physical fitness, Kazakh people rarely chat with people around them when they are fishing. They spent a day alone.

In such cold weather, everyone on the mainland roasted in the fire. However, the Kazakh people still have to fish in plastic bags in the snow. Even if a group of people fish together, they can’t speak too much. They can only wait for the fish to be picked up and go home early. The comments given by netizens are very pertinent: this is perhaps the most lonely job in the world.