Israeli female soldier with a gun photographed became famous on the Internet

Israel is the only country in the world that applies universal military service to women. Beautiful and sexy have long been the unique label of Israeli women soldiers, drawing numerous attention from netizens. On May 1st, the Israeli women’s soldier Noah Erharra shared photos of her taking off military uniforms and putting on private clothes in his social media, citing netizens who liked it and called them: when they were wearing military uniforms, they were brave and cheerful. Ordinary clothes are more beautiful than stars.

Noah is tall and beautiful. She is an active female soldier in Israel. She was popular recently for sharing her uniformed gun training on social media and received tens of thousands of followers.

Noah lived as a model on the cover of fashion magazines, and often participated in activities together with celebrities. In daily life, he has won the favor of many fans.

Noah loves travel and food. He often publishes beautiful pictures on the Internet. Noah is a caring girl. She not only loves small animals and feeds cats and dogs, but also volunteers regularly to charity organizations to visit children.

According to Israeli law, apart from marriage, pregnancy, religious beliefs, and other reasons, Israeli women over the age of 18 are required to perform military service. The average length of service for ordinary soldiers is 2 years, and that for combat troops is 3 years. The female soldiers of Israel are very strong in training. They not only wear the same military uniform as the men and they can only sleep 7 hours a day.

In spite of her delicate appearance, Noah was not inferior in training. As an Israeli female soldier, she had undergone rigorous military training and performed well in the army.



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