Escape from Syria: On one side is the boundary of death. On the other side is the door of hope!

In the Idomeni refugee camp on the Greek-Macedonian border, there are thousands of Syrian-dominated refugees, and many others are coming.

Here has been occupied by people from different social classes, where they are fleeing war, death and hunger.

Many people will continue to pass through Macedonia to the north and west of Europe, but not all can pass the clearance review, resulting in family separation.

Refugees live in difficult conditions, sleeping on crowded and damp ground or in tents.

They did not receive any thermal facilities. The refugees were exhausted and tired and unable to determine their own situation.

This Greek-Macedonian border can be considered a border of death. Many people die quietly while waiting. No one will notice them. Death is a common thing.

So being able to cross this border is what they dream about. It means more than just being alive and away from hunger and cold.

This place only accepts war refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, while refugees from other places are not allowed to cross the border.

This is the export of their hope. Only through this export,they are possible to stay away from war and death.

Many people have been waiting here for a long time, but everyone does not matter, at least, everyone is still alive.

After reading these photos, we cannot help to ask: What is the significance of the war?

We wish the world peace forever. Everyone can live happily with their families.