Bajau people – The only people in the world who live at sea

In Malaysia’s vast ocean, there is a group of people who are Bajau people live in more than 6 countries including Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. They are the richest species of marine species on the planet. There are about 76% of the world’s corals and reef fish, as well as blue whale. Cherish animals. Since the ancestors lived in the ocean, the Bajau people had a close relationship with the land. They chose to embrace the vast ocean and lead the lives of nomadic people. They rely on stumps, they build wooden huts on the sea, and they all rely on small wooden boats. people. They have a very close relationship with the ocean, and they almost never left the sea.

Bajau children did not learn algebra and science from a young age. They had been holding a net bag, harpoon, and a canoe by hand to learn to fish. In order to adapt to fishing in the sea, Bajau children are usually pierced at the eardrum at a very young age, which allows them to adapt to deep underwater pressure, reduce pain, and make them the only people on Earth who can walk freely on the sea floor.

Bajau people live at sea all year round. Some people’s vision is better under the water. Like many seasickness, some Bajau people do not adapt to long-term land. Now the Bajau people’s living conditions have improved due to the attention of tourism enthusiasts and explorers. But will the nation that has only 6,000 people living at sea disappear soon?



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