11-year-old boy weighs 380 pounds, the heaviest child in the world,but his parents worry about his life safety

The obese boy named Arya Permana, who is 11 years old and now weighs 380 pounds, is considered to be the heaviest child in the world. Parents are very unhappy and obesity has threatened his life.

His parents believe that they must perform surgery on their child, otherwise his life will be in danger

Parents said that when his son was little, he was very healthy and his birth weight was 6.4 pounds.They do not know why he grew up so crazy later

Arya Permana needs to eat five meals a day, including rice, fish, beef, vegetable soup, and soybean meal.

Arya Permana likes to be in the water for hours.

So, the parents took Arya Permana to a hospital in Jakarta to undergo a five-hour gastric retraction surgery, hoping that he would return to health as soon as possible.