tragedy! An Australian big fish suffocated and die when it eat another small fish

Michael parker, a retired worker from Australia, recently found a one-meter-long flatheaded fish on the beach. He was surprised that this flatheaded fish is dead and he found a fish in his mouth. The sea bass, Michael said that the flatheaded fish was alive and dead because they could not swallow sea bass.

Michael recalled that he took his dog to the beach every day for a walk. His dog found the dead big flatheaded fish first. When he approached, the big flathead fish had died. Although the flatheaded fish has a large mouth, it still failed to swallow this sea bass.

Michael tried to pull the sea bass out of the flatheaded fish’s mouth. Because he was stuck too tight and stuck on the flatheaded fish’s teeth, he could not pull out the sea bass.

Michael is an experienced fishing enthusiast. He believes that this flathead fish is between 15 and 20 years old. Unfortunately, such a rare flathead fish is Gluttonous and suffocated.