This Dutch company designed a super luxury antique yacht which looks like an canoe

Recently, a retro-designed modern super luxury yacht was exposed. This 115-meter yacht is modeled after an ancient canoe.It looks like an antique canoe and its interior is amazing.

This huge yacht is named “Tuhura” and its interior is like Neverland. It is equipped with a 360-degree cinema room, an outdoor jacuzzi and a bar on the balcony.

The yacht also has a hammock on the fore deck and a stylish restaurant with a large round fireplace.

Tuhala was built by Dutch company Oceanco and has unique design features from around the world. It is reported that the internal inspiration comes from the Pacific islands and East Asian style, teak wood and bronze finishes throughout.

A designer from Oceanco said: “The external styling is reminiscent of an early canoe. Hundreds of years ago, Aboriginal people from all over the world began to build canoes to explore the ocean.”

The top speed of this yacht is up to 32 km/h.