The world’s most water-storing tree – bottle tree, a tree can retailer 2 tons of water, for a household of four to drink for six months

In South America, there is a tree that the locals call “Never Die Tree” ,it is the bottle tree.

The bottle tree, a spinach tree native to South America, grows on the Brazilian plateau of South America, and looks much like a giant spindle inserted in the ground.

In the rainy season, this kind of tree sparse branches and heart-shaped leaves on the top of the tree, like a big radish.

After the rainy season passed, the dry season came, the green leaves waned, and the safflowers opened. At this time, the spinach-like tree became a large vase with safflower, so people called it the bottle tree.

It is also known as the “Desert Water Tower.” From a distance, it looks like an enlarged version of the bottle. The thickest part of the trunk can be up to 1 meter in diameter. It provides water for desert travelers, so it is called the “Desert Water Tower.”

The bottle tree is 30 meters high, with two pointed ends, and the middle is swollen. The thickest place is up to 5 meters in diameter, and there is about 2 tons of water in it.

Bottle trees, like bananas, provide water for desert travelers. As long as holes are drilled in their trunks, fresh thirst-quenching juice will continue to flow out.

The bottle tree grows into this peculiar appearance, related to the environment in which it lives.

The roots of the bottle tree are well developed. After the rainy season arrives, it absorbs water and reserves water as much as possible. In general, a large tree can hold 2 tons of water, like a green water tower. Therefore, it will not die in the long dry season.

Like the “drinks” in the desert, it provides water for people on the road.