The tallest tree in the world – Australian Almond Eucalyptus

If the world tree-level competition is held, only Australia’s almond eucalyptus will qualify for the championship.

Almond eucalyptus trees are generally up to 100 meters in length, and one of them is as high as 115.6 meters. The trunk is inserted into the sky and is as tall as a fifty-story building. Among the trees that humans have measured, it is the highest one. The bird sings on the top of the tree and sounds under the tree, just like the buzz of a mosquito.

It is said that a almond eucalyptus can evaporate 175,000 kilograms of water each year. Therefore, some countries plant eucalypts in wetlands and pump water from the ground.

Almond eucalyptus, although tall, but its seeds are small, each grain is about 1-2 mm. However, it grows extremely fast and is one of the fastest-growing tree species in the world. In five or six years, it can grow into a tree that is more than 10 meters high and has a diameter of more than 40 centimeters.