The most costly poison on the earth – puffer fish, 1 kilogram price 100 million U.S. {dollars}, the Japanese like to eat it!

Puffer fish, also known as ball fish, aerated fish, expansive fish, and balloon fish, is a common but unpredictable fish in the tropical ocean. It can inflate the body two or three times. The internal organs of many types of puffer fish contain a neurotoxin that can kill people. Its toxicity is equivalent to 1,250 times that of the highly toxic drugs sodium cyanide. It takes only 0.48 milligrams to kill people. As one of the most toxic animals in the world, tetrodotoxin can cause death within 5 seconds.

Tetrodotoxin is a colorless needle crystal that is one of the most toxic non-protein substances in nature. One in fifty million of it will be able to numb the nerves within 30 minutes, and only 0.5 mg of tetrodotoxin will kill a person.

The white powder extracted from a medium-sized pufferfish, which is 1/10th the size of an aspirin, can kill 30 people. Puffer fish is the most poisonous animal on the human table, and its toxicity is not yet solvable.

In fact, the puffer fish muscle does not contain toxins. The most toxic part of puffer fish is the ovary and liver, followed by the kidneys, blood, eyes, tendons and skin. This toxin can cause nerve paralysis, vomiting, chills in the extremities, and heartbeat and respiratory arrest.

In the past 20 years, more than 200 people in Japan died of eating puffer fish. Puffer fish require experienced chef to handle it, and most of the deaths are caused by puffer fish that have not been done well.

The annual output of tetrodotoxin can reach 5-10 kilograms, which is 100,000 U.S. dollars per gram. Five kilograms is worth 500 million U.S. dollars. To extract 1 g of tetrodotoxin, 20 kg of pufferfish ovaries are needed, and 120 kg of female puffer fish are needed. It is the most expensive poison in the world.

Although the taste of puffer fish is risking its own life, the smell of puffer fish is very delicious. Therefore, there are still many gluttonous people who like to eat puffer fish. Especially in Japan, although the puffer fish is poisonous, the Japanese still like to eat puffer fish very much. In the picture, the pufferfish’s flesh is cut into very thin slices and put in a beautiful pattern in the market. The puffer fish is worth more than 500 US dollars.



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