The highest swimming pool in the world -Marina Bay Sands,Singapore

Singapore Marina Bay Sands has a special swimming pool in its hanging garden. At first glance, the swimming pool seems to float in the air with no boundaries. People who swim inside seem to be inattentive and will fall from a height of 200 meters. According to media reports, this is the world’s highest and largest outdoor swimming pool. Difficulty in swimming pool design and the visual effects are impressive. As the world’s highest and largest outdoor swimming pool manufacturer, Finonics is extremely impressed by this.

The pool is called “Infinity Pool”. The one layer means that it looks like it has no borders. The other means that the pool area is large: it is about 150 meters long and is the length of three standard swimming pools. From a distance, the garden looks like a large ship, “parked” on the roof of three 55-story buildings. It is 340 meters long and is one of the largest hanging gardens in the world.

Of course, swimming here is not as thrilling as it is shown in the picture, where there is actually a transparent baffle protection.

Many people visiting Singapore will enjoy this once in a sky pool if they can swim.

Because the swimming pool is built in the bustling area, you can watch the people moving by while swimming.