The female farmer made a selfie photo and became famous on the Internet. It looks exactly like Trump

Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Recently, a female Spanish farmer became popular on the Internet because the female farmer looks exactly like Trump. All the netizens they saw were exclaiming. This is the “Female Trump.”

According to the New York Post reported on April 24th, Dolores Les Atheloin, a woman from La Coruna Naton in northeastern Spain, posted a self-portrait on the Internet and soon became famous on the Internet. Now. All the netizens they saw were exclaiming. This is the “Female Trump.” In this picture, she is leaned on her face, holding the hoe on the ground, it is easy to think of Trump playing golf.

Regardless of blond hair, facial expressions, including the overall complexion, Dolores is very similar to Trump.

According to relevant reports, Dolores is a local farmer. Previously, because she had no mobile phone, she never posted anything on the Internet and she did not pay attention to news. Dolores said that before the explosion, she never thought that she had any problems with her appearance. Until her daughter Anna said this to her, she decided to publish photos. Until now, she did not understand why she was so famous.