Thailand “Dog Shit” pudding became hot on the internet

Thailand “Dog Shit” pudding became hot on the internet.This pudding made of coconut milk, gelatin and food coloring, obviously it taste very sweet, but it’s shape really make the people no mood to eat it.

"Dog Shit" pudding

When parents give this kind of “Dog Shit” pudding to the children, the children refuse to say anything, they often do vomiting, and when they are fed , they have nothing to love!

The manager said that the “Dog Shit” pudding shape is very strange, and no one else made this shape, but the customers like it, there are special models, there are other shapes of pudding models.

Netizens saw this “Dog Shit” pudding and expressed their opinions: “There are so many wonderful things in the world. Why do you like the shape of a dog shit?”