Kingdom of Tavolara is with the fewest people in the world,only 11 nationals.

Tavolara, located in the upper right corner of Sardinia, Italy,there is a Kingdom of Tavolara at there, but this country is not recognized by the world.

Currently there are only 11 part-time islanders and 100s goats in this country.

The king called Antonio. He was a fisherman before. In addition to the king, he also holds several positions.

This is the King’s restaurant and it is also the only restaurant on the island. At the same time, it is also the King’s office.

According to legend, this kingdom was established by an Italian man who fled to the island. So far it has been more than 200 years old.

There is no road, no hotel, and the only place to live is this house. This boat is the only tool on the island.

However, because of the special nature of this kingdom, it has attracted many tourists to come and play, which has also led to the country’s economic housing development.

The people here rely on sheep-raising, fishing and guided tours to earn living expenses.