India’s cow urine drink, do you dare to drink it?

Everyone knows that cow have a high status in India. Indians regard cows as holy beasts and they cannot eat beef in most parts of India. The government has also issued relevant protection policies.

In India, people have the habit of drinking cow’s urine and think that drinking can make people live longer.

A company in India valued this opportunity for people to drink cow’s urine and developed a drink called “cow water” with cow’s urine.

So how did this “cow water” come from? First of all, cow workers will carefully raise cows and provide delicate foods to feed them.

Then the cow’s urine is collected. The cow’s urine will be shipped to the packing factory. After special processing procedures, other food additives are added. This kind of “cow water” cola drink is made.

It is reported that the “cow water” beverage has been listed in India. Researchers said that this is a very healthy drink that is healthier than Pepsi and Coca-Cola and that it has the effect of treating diseases. The team leader is also very confident to say that “bull water” can go to the world and even believe that The sales volume of “cow water” can exceed Coca-Cola.