A couple in the United States had 14 sons in a row. They had only wanted 1 daughter

Kateri and Jay from the United States are a loving couple. The husband and wife have given birth to 14 children in 25 years of marriage and all of them are sons. Recently, Kateri produced the 14th son in the hospital.

Kateri is a 43-year-old woman. She admits that she and her husband are very much looking for a daughter. I didn’t expect that all of them were born as boys. Today, Kateri and her husband plan not to regenerate children because they are not enough. Efforts to take care of so many children.

Among the 14 sons, the oldest son is 25 years old. On weekdays, the youngest son is taken care of by his eldest son. Kateri is only responsible for the basic life of the children. With too many children, Kateri is busy cooking and washing clothes every day.

With 14 sons in succession, this probability is very rare. Calculating from the probability of genetics, the probability of having more than 10 consecutive sons is close to zero. Although the boy had to be naughty, Kateri said he was very happy.

Kateri said that although she and her husband are very much looking for a daughter, it is no longer possible. They have already given up on the dream of a girl. The biggest wish now is for the children to grow up healthily.