OMG! YECH!! This Hospital-type Cam Let Me See All The Gunk In My Ears!!!!

I’m a full time Mom, and I have three kids in school.I’ve always been in pretty good health. I get regular checkups with my doctor, and I eat a healthy diet.But a few months ago, I started to worry because even though I’m only 34 years old, my hearing was getting bad!I would have to strain to hear people talk. When I was watching TV, I had to turn the volume way up just to be able to follow the dialogue.I had never had hearing problems before, so I got a little concerned.I checked my health insurance website. It turned out that an appointment with an otolaryngologist (that’s an ear specialist) would cost a lot of money off my deductible. And there was a two-month wait for an appointment.Oh well, I made an appointment anyway, and I prepared myself to wait and spend a lot of cash.My Neighbor Had the Solution I was Waiting ForLater that week, I was out walking my dog. My neighbor, Alice, who knew a thing or two about health. She waved and said “Hi” to me, and would you believe it, I could barely hear her. If I hadn’t seen her waving, I might not have heard her at all.We started talking and I told her about my hearing problems.“Have you ever checked your ears for wax?” she asked me.“That’s a BIG cause of hearing loss. I see it all the time at the doctor’s.”I told her that I once tried to look in my ears with a mirror, but it was pretty difficult. Then I told her that I usually cleaned my ears with a Q-tip and alcohol every week.“Oh, no!”, Alice said. “Pushing a cotton tip into your ear canal is about the worst thing you can do. It doesn’t really clean anything. All you do is push the impacted wax deeper and deeper into your ear.”“But how can I tell if there’s anything in my ear?” I said.Alice smiled. “Come into my house.” she said, “I want to show you something like what’s used at the doctor’s office. It’s called “OptiLookNPick”. It’s a little camera that lets you look right into your ears!“But don’t they cost a fortune?” I asked.“NO! Not at all. This is a great little camera that works with an app on your phone. It’s really reasonable. Otoscopes used to cost thousands of dollars, but now there’s a super high quality camera that shows everything right on your phone!”I Couldn’t Believe What I Saw In My Ears! Yecccch!!I sat down in Alice’s living room, and she brought out a little snake-like thing. She started the app on her phone and put the camera in my ear.It was really easy, it didn’t hurt. Then she handed me the phone and I took a look.OMG!!! I could not believe what I saw!! My ears were packed full of sticky, horrible wax! TONS of it! No wonder I had trouble hearing!“You can look into any part of your body, like your throat and your nose with OptiLookNPick. This is a really great tool to help keep you healthy!!”Alice told me how to clean the wax out of my ears. She used a little tool kit that came with it, and some liquid. It was like a miracle!IN MINUTES, I COULD HEAR AGAIN!!Alice showed me the official website where I could order OptiLookNPick for myself. I wanted one for myself, and to check out my family.HERE’S WHAT I LEARNED!OptiLookNPicksupports iOS Apple and Android. Just install the free app, open it, and the live video will show up on the screen. Then you can see anything in your ears clearly.OptiLookNPick clearly shows the inside of your ears through pictures and video, enables checking for wax and objects inside the ear canal and eardrum, as well as saving photos or record videos as you prefer. You can save photos and videos and send to healthcare professionals for a quick and easy consultation if you like.With 6 LED lights, you can view live video of your ears and remove your earwax completely and safely. You are comfortable and safe while using it!OptiLookNPick is not only for cleaning earwax, it can also check the ear drum, mouth, ear, nose, throat, nasal cavity, and scalp hair root.HERE’S MY EXPERIENCE ORDERING!1) I went to the official website here [click]2) My order arrived fast, in about 8 days!3) It was super easy to use. It only took about a minute to download the app.4) I plugged it into my phone, and I used to it check everyone.It turns out my kid’s ears were starting to fill with wax too. My family was pretty prone to earwax.And when my youngest daughter was sick, I used it to check for an inflamed throat and cold sores.OptiLookNPick is the greatest health gift we own! I recommend it to everyone.If you’re a MOM, it’s a must-have item. Or if you’re concerned about your health, it’s great too!Excellent gift for seniors too!!UPDATE! ORDER NOW! DUE TO THE HOLIDAY RUSH, STOCKS ARE RUNNING LOW!IT’S A PERFECT GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAYS![CLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE AT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE!]